Surf Theologos

Theologos , Greece

The Lowdown

Why should foilers come to you?

The 300 days of sunshine a year, consistent cross-onshore Meltemi winds, 220km of accessible shore line, and a whole lot of culture makes Rhodes a perfect option for a foiling holiday. The prevailing conditions are flat, clear and sometimes choppy water, so a great spot for both beginners and advanced riders who want to improve their skills. There’s plenty of island fun to be had out of the water too, as well as renowned Greek dinners and live music. A great destination for water sport enthusiasts, culture lovers, families and singles.

Foiling Set Up

What are the foiling conditions like? What disciplines is the spot most suitable for – wingfoiling, foiling, e-foiling.. You can mention your centre/boat here:

Located on the west coast, just 5km south of the airport, you’ll find Surf Theologos, with ample space for lwingfoil experience right outside the center. The shingle beach is safe, with no rock hazards. The area for windsurfers is upwind and the foilers are right downwind, so there is enough space on the water for all, even in the busy summer months of July and August. Winds tend to kick in first thing in the morning, and pick up after lunchtime, ranging from 15 to 25 knots from the west or southwest.

When is best to go?

The season is from April until the end of October. Early in the season the winds are light and pick up after lunch. Always expect some stormy days during low season time. In high summer, wind is pretty much guaranteed, with Rhodes benefitting from the reliable Meltemi winds, giving an ample 20-25 knots. Then in autumn there can be some strong side-onshore winds which can give rise to some fun wave action!

No wind?

What can you if there is no wind?

There’s a lot to discover on the island–beautiful sand beaches, little picturesque villages, and plenty to  see in the culturally rich city of Rhodes, not least the medieval castle, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rental car, scooters or ATVs are easily available. Alternatively you can join an organised adventure to enjoy climbing, diving, or even a safari. If you’re sportive through and through, Surf and Kite Theologos offers crossfit training, yoga, beach volleyball and many more activities.

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