Mission statement

The aim of the Global Wingsports Association (GWA) is to globally promote every aspect of wingfoil-, wingsurf-, wingboard-sports, and any other sport in which a wing is used on water, land or snow, in collaboration with the wingsports industry. The GWA will build a platform for all interest groups of wingsports, be it national, continental or international, with the aim to bring more people into wingsports.

The association will help to develop and maintain access to beaches and water-ways worldwide, in order to pursue wingsports activities. It will also support the evolution of wingsports school-infrastructure development, as well as wingsports instructorship. It will help develop the general safety standard of wingsports, and in particular, for wingsports on water.

The GWA will act to support young people to enter wingsports, with the aim to secure wingsports as an important and established sport in the future. The GWA will develop and promote all existing and future competition disciplines, and will sanction and support wingsports events on national, continental and international levels, for all levels of participation and pathways in all disciplines (non-exhaustive enumeration: Wave, Surfing, Freestyle, Ocean-Surfing, Race, Slalom).