Mission statement

The GWA is representing the interests of the wingfoil industry globally.

The main goals of the GWA are:

• bringing together all wingfoil brands in a trustful community;
• creation of national, continental and international interest group with the aim to bring more people into wingsports;
• collection of Wingfoil industries data in order to obtain accurate information about the development of the wingfoil markets;
• develop and maintain access to beaches and adjacent areas of water in order to pursue wingsports activities;
• promotion and development of professional wingsports;
• support and/or evolving of wingsports-school-infrastructure development as well as wingsports-instructorship;
• develop general safety standards of wingsports, especially for wingsports on water;
• supporting young people to enter the wingsport with the aim to secure wingsports as important and established sport in future;
• supporting the multi-distribution channels for selling products.