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Welcome to the GWA | Global Wingsports Association!

The aim of the Global Wingsports Association (GWA) is to globally promote every aspect of wing-foil-, wing-surf-, wing-board-sports, and any other sport in which a wing is used on water, land or snow, in collaboration with the wingsports industry. The GWA will build a platform for all interest groups of wingsports, be it national, continental or international, with the aim to bring more people into wingsports.

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About Wingsports

Wingsports (also called Wingfoiling or Wingboarding) is an exciting, new and fast growing sport. It’s a hybrid of many existing water- and landsports, and due to this fact appeals to a wide range of people. It might look quite unusual at first but the fluidity and grace of an experienced wingsporter is breathtaking to see....

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Start Wingfoiling

Due to its water and weather dependent elements, it is highly recommended to learn with qualified instructors and in a safe environment. The GWA will soon be able to provide an up-to date list of recognised instructors and schools globally to ensure the highest standards of safety when learning this new and exciting sport....

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