How to learn Wing-Foiling

Due to its water and weather dependent elements, it is highly recommended to learn with qualified instructors and in a safe environment. The GWA will soon be able to provide an up-to date list of recognised instructors and schools globally to ensure the highest standards of safety when learning this new and exciting sport.


Wing-foiling is an element dependent sport, wind and either land or water are needed to practice, meaning some care and consideration needs to be taken when practicing. A thorough understanding of the wind and ocean (lake, river, or waterway) is highly recommended before attempting to learn on your own. Seek advice, or instruction from a qualified and knowledgeable individual if you are a complete beginner to the sport. This will enable you to learn fast and in a safe environment.

Best Spots

Due to its versatility wing-foiling can be done in many locations around the world. It can be practiced on land, snow or water. Wind is needed to generate power in the wing, locations with a consistent breeze, or trade winds, are popular destinations of choice. For those wishing to practice wing-foiling on waves, the birthplace of the sport, Hawaii is an obvious choice, as are destinations already popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Wing-Foiling Schools

Please find a list of qualified wingsports schools and instructors here. Note that the list does not represent a recommendation by the GWA, nor does the GWA assume any liability for these schools.


North-Shore Fuerteventura

Calle Coronel Del Hierro 68
35650 Lajares
Canary Islands

Phone: +34 64681551


Free your Mind Experience

CrtN 340
La Peña
S/N Villa Verde
11380 Tarifa

Phone: +34-608838487


Kite Puerto Rico Kiteboarding School & Hotel

1 Calle Santa Ana
San Juan
Puerto Rico

Phone: +1 (787) 726-5010

Wingsurf Fehmarn

Osterstraße 17
23769 Fehmarn

Phone: +49 (0) 1575 664 7246

New Wing-Foil Schools

Do you own or operate a school that is specialised in instructing wing-foiling, and would like it listed on this page? Please submit the form below, and if your school is conforming to the GWA standards, it will be added to the list.