How to learn Wingfoiling

Due to its water and weather dependent elements, it is highly recommended to learn with qualified instructors and in a safe environment. The GWA will soon be able to provide an up-to date list of recognised instructors and schools globally to ensure the highest standards of safety when learning this new and exciting sport.


Wingfoiling is an element dependent sport, wind and either land or water are needed to practice, meaning some care and consideration needs to be taken when practicing. A thorough understanding of the wind and ocean (lake, river, or waterway) is highly recommended before attempting to learn on your own. Seek advice, or instruction from a qualified and knowledgeable individual if you are a complete beginner to the sport. This will enable you to learn fast and in a safe environment.

Best Spots

Due to its versatility wingfoiling can be done in many locations around the world. It can be practiced on land, snow or water. Wind is needed to generate power in the wing, locations with a consistent breeze, or trade winds, are popular destinations of choice. For those wishing to practice wingfoiling on waves, the birthplace of the sport, Hawaii is an obvious choice, as are destinations already popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

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Wingfoil Schools

Click here for a list of qualified wingsports schools and instructors. Note that the list does not represent a recommendation by the GWA, nor does the GWA assume any liability for these schools.