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Welcome to the GWA Wingfoil Race Class

The GWA Wingfoil Race Class was formed by the founding members of the Global Wingsports Association as a Class for Racing. It will submit an application to World Sailing with the backing of all the major manufacturers. It has been formed so that all athletes have equal opportunities to race in different formats on production equipment, that is registered once a year.


The GWA Race Class has been formed by industry membership and will hold an annual AGM. It has a constitution and different levels of membership available. An executive secretary is appointed by the board to oversee the day to day running of the Association.


Membership is open to Industry, Member National Sailing Authorities(MNA), National Wingsports Associations(NWA) and Athletes. Below is set out membership fees. All athletes have to be members of the GWA Wingfoil Race Class or their respective National MNA or NWA.


€500,- / brand
+ Registered equipment @ 0.4% of kit (wing, foil, board) or one off fee

One vote at the Class AGM.

MNA’s (Member National Sailing Authorities)

€200,- / year – for 3 or more riders
Limited Membership (LTD) – €100 /year

For developing nations and those National Class Associations (NCA’s) that are unable to be fully represented at Class World and Continental Championships, ie 2 active competitor members or less.

NCA’s (National Class Associations)

€100,- / year


Who have no MNA or NCA membership
€75,- / year or €25,- /event


The newly elected Committee:

Chairman: Raphael Salles
Vice-Chairman: David Hastilow
Treasurer: Colin Jacobs


The secretary is appointed by the committee to handle the day to day running of the association on a yearly basis this is a non voting role.

Picture Richard Gowers with UK Flag Location UK
Contact – Picture

Richard Gowers – Secretary
3 Valleyside
West Buckland
Devon, TQ7 3AE


Click here to download the Constitution (TBC).


Click here to contact the GWA Wingfoil Race Class


The GWA wingfoil Race Class is an entity of its own and legally independent from the GWA. Click here to read the Imprint / Legal Notice.